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Kundali GPT AI


Astrology and Birth Charts:

  1. What does my birth chart have to say about my romantic life?
  2. Has my birth chart been affected by any planetary doshas?
  3. What can my horoscope reveal about my academic career?
  4. What does my zodiac sign have to say about my love life?
  5. Are there any accidents in my life that could be fatal?
  6. What kind of results can I expect from studying abroad?
  7. What talents do I have according to my birth chart?
  8. Can I pursue a career in the film industry given that I enjoy acting?
  9. Can you please provide the Surya Gochara/Sun Transit reading for the following month?
  10. How will the retrograde motion of Saturn (or any other planet) affect me?

Romantic and Personal Relationships:

  1. When will I meet my soulmate?
  2. Is it a favorable time to apply for a new job?
  3. How can I love and be loved?
  4. Should I end my connection with someone else?

Career and Business:

  1. How productive will the following year be?
  2. Is my business susceptible to any risks?
  3. What was my previous/past life like?
  4. What is the purpose of my life professionally?
  5. What kind of career should I pursue? Is this the right position for me right now?
  6. What can I expect if my dream of owning a prosperous business comes true?
  7. I’m a chef, physician, engineer, chemist, etc. Can I open my practice, restaurant, hospital, or consulting business?
  8. Can I get a government job?
  9. I’m considering switching jobs. Is this a good idea?

Health and Well-being:

  1. Would my child be in good health?
  2. Are there any possibilities of having terrible diseases?
  3. What types of illnesses am I most susceptible to?
  4. Will my tendency to be anxious and hesitant to speak up lessen with time?
  5. I struggle with authority figures, whether they be my own or those of others. Are there any remedies that can help me with this issue?

Financial and Money Matters:

  1. Will my financial circumstances become better?
  2. Should I take out a loan?
  3. How can I earn money?
  4. What remedies should I do to create better financial flows?
  5. Can I do anything about the fact that I find it difficult to manage my money the way others I know do? Are there any remedies that can help me manage my money more effectively?

Future and Life Events:

  1. What is my life’s purpose?
  2. What time of year is most favorable for marriage?
  3. What is the root of my misfortune?
  4. How do I achieve success in life?
  5. When is the best time to launch a business?
  6. What kind of relationship do I have with money?
  7. When will this string of misfortune come to an end?
  8. Which time of year is ideal for moving into a new home?
  9. Which Muhurat is ideal for performing Satyanarayan puja at home?
  10. Which name would be ideal for my newborn child?
  11. When is the right time to purchase a new vehicle?
  12. How should I advance in my spiritual journey?

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